For Individual Physicians

Clindecision platform connects you with your patients in a safe way which is a secure HIPAA and GDPR compliant encrypted transmission.
You can do audio /video /chat with your patients, remotely examine and because of integration with EHR the platform allows you to completely document consultation, advise investigations and send e prescriptions  in PDF format with digital signature.
Clindecision platform takes care of your appointment calendar, reminder to the patients and also helps in taking the consent for the tele consultation.
doctor indivisual

For Hospitals

Clindecision platform has On-premise solution which allows you to run entire telemedicine platform with integrated EHR in your own premises or on private cloud. All the patient related data including chat messages, calls and electronic health record will go through your own data centre and will remain in your own database.

Why On-premise?

Clindecision’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform allows you to control, monitor your own data with exclusive privacy. You should be free of worry of data theft, misuse of data for advertisement ,direct patient selling products etc which are some common unholy practices. We provide full assurance about these aspects.

Multi-Physician Consultations

  • Talk to all the doctors at one go.
  • Physicians and patients with their care takers to connect remotely and take a joint decision.
  • Improving tremendous patient healthcare remote monitoring and guidance.
Multi-Physician consultations


Involvement of patient in his treatment decision is utmost important in patient centric management. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) tools are provided by Clindecision platform. such tools have been found to be extremely useful in the patient care in multiple scientific studies. Patient reported experience measures (PREMs) can be collected with our platform. Integration of PROMs and PREMs in chronic care has found to be extremely useful.

Remote ICU

Exclusive remote ICU care Platform can also be provided on demand. Specialist hospitals can effectively monitor peripheral hospitals by their experienced intensivist team.
Remote ICU